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Claudia Parducci: The Space Between Us, 2015.  

A StudioCrasher documentary on Los Angeles-based contemporary artist.  

What is StudioCrasher?

StudioCrasher is an ongoing video project launched in late 2012.  I interview artists about their practice, as well as curators, critics and academics.


StudioCrasher can be found at

StudioCrasher videos are made specifically with visual arts students in mind.  I interview artists at a range of points different points in their careers, from emerging to well-known and established to artists who are iconic pioneers. I ask artists how they got to where they are, I ask curators what advice they have for students leaving art school and looking to be represented by a gallery, I ask writers what advice they have for getting published.  The main aims of StudioCrasher are:

  • To create a rich knowledge creation and knowledge sharing resource that can be used for teaching and research by anyone.

  • To bring art students into contact with real practicing artists, curators and writers who they would otherwise not be able to access.  

As well as interviews, StudioCrasher includes commentaries on exhibitions, group discussions with academics and experts, and recorded lectures and talks.  As a hook that begins every interview, I ask 'what was modernism?', which is a extremely loaded question, for which there are many different answers.  It acts as a catalyst for the critical discussion that follows.  


StudioCrasher as Research


The video recordings in the StudioCrasher project aims to answer a fundamental question: what actually is contemporary art practice?  StudioCrasher interviews are extended and in-depth critical inquiries into the practice of artists, curators and writers engaged in contemporary art discourse.  Commentaries provide critical reflection on contemporary art exhibitions and debates. 


StudioCrasher is an accessible and open resource of original interview and commentary material, providing critical insight into contemporary art practice for the benefit of other art researchers, as well as students and teachers of art.  These videos generate substantial new knowledge on some artists and their practice that has not previously been given significant critical attention.  And knowledge on more well-known artists is significantly extended by the indepth nature of StudioCrasher interviews. 


StudioCrasher interviews and commentaries contribute significant extended examinations of contemporary art.  This content is international, focusing on exhibitions and practice around the world.  Directions in contemporary art are identified while they are occurring.  Most significantly, because StudioCrasher focuses upon actual practice, it gives clear insight into the diverse and complex ways in which artists, curators and critics do what they do. Interviews range from little-know emerging artists to pioneers of contemporary art, such as Carl Andre, and high profile artists such as Ben Quilty. StudioCrasher examines the creative considerations and processes.  The StudioCrasher site has received thousands of hits and has been accessed by viewers from around the world.  


Below is a small sample of the expanding archive of StudioCrasher videos.  

To see more, please click on this link to

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